Panos Alexiadis – Noumenon (3inch cdr)




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Panos Alexiadis – Noumenon (3inch cdr)

On this 3’’ edition we come across 16 mins of chirurgical manipulations on various sound sources, in a typically veracious, Alexiadis manner. Each phrase in this composition represents a certain entity, an interaction of narratives communicated from the composer’s cognitive arena. Esoteric in its nature, Noumenon is broken down into three distinguishable parts. Part one, is made of classical modular electronic synthesis in a concrete manner. Part two is sample based, with reference to eastern, Mesmer-like works. The last part is forever engaged in auditory combat, the struggle being refereed by a nervous interlock of whispers, both human and synth based. In Greek, “Noumenon” translates as “the object of an act of thought”.

Athens based Panos Alexiadis has established a firm presence in the experimental music scene through a number of releases with previous aliases & collaborations. Now working through a different set-up, he focuses on real time synthesis with the extensive use of modular electronics at core. Alexiadis undertakes the task of inducing the listener to an intense psychoacoustic experience through a carefully crafted concrete sonic plateau.


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