Paul Carr – The History of Aviation (cass)



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Paul Carr – The History of Aviation (cass)

Spoken word, improvised melodica, drum and percussion from the Yamaha PSR-74, and structured sound and music parts created from chaotic home made recordings with guitar, a tambourine, feedback and households objects. Subjects include reversible jackets, a fictional day in the life of Bruce McLean, an ode to Ian Breakwell, and food types in the title track, The History Of Aviation.
released 06 December 2012
Words/Music: Paul Carr. Field Recording (*title track): Michael Wedgwood

“Paul Carr .. proves himself to be a dab hand at casual DIY madness . . The vocals are usually near-spoken (with one track being very Barrett-esque) . . a vibe that conjures up fond memories of the first known cassette era”
Byron Coley, The Wire Magazine, April 2013


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