PAUSE (Book/Magazine)


Ali Buh bAeh


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PAUSE (Book/Magazine)

352-pages book (Bilingual: French/English) on the theme : cassettes, graphics, printing, screen printing, labels and music…

1000 refs of cassettes jackets and interviews with: Tanzprocesz, Zad Kokar, Ultra Eczema, ZamZamRec, RRRecords, agrafprod, Maitre Selecto, Hasten & Korset, Notice Recordings, Zoomin’ Night, Hanson Records, Falt Records, Chocolate Monk, Tomaturj, Social Harmony, Third Type Tapes, Altered States Tapes, Animal Bisquit, Copy Paste, Senufo Editions, Lal Lal Lal, Los Emes Del Oso, Scum Yr Earth, Fougere, Silo Manoi, Papier Crash Test, Herberg Rustiek, Piece Noise

Intro by JM Bertoyas. Cover art by L’Atelier McClane

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