Peter Ablinger – Regenstücke Vol.1 (LP)


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Peter Ablinger – Regenstücke Vol.1 (LP)

You never know what to expect from Peter Ablinger: noise, silence, serious grotesque or black humor.
And you always get a total opposition from what you have expected, which makes him so special and unique!

On his first release for GODrec, he offers two pieces from his famous “Regenstück” series: “Ohne Titel / 3 Klaviere (1-6) and “Regenstück 1-6 / 6 (3) Schalgzeuger.

“Ohne Titel / 3 Klaviere” involves one tone in changing octaves (and very seldom a few additional pitches). There are 6 sections, all in the same sequence of registers, like one piece written 6 times – a series, but at the same time there’s an almost hidden development through the 6 sections.

Coordinated by click-tracks, each performer plays independently within separate pulses that never meet within one piece. The piece focuses on the micro-rhythmical shifts between piano-attacks and their different location in space – an etude in listening to what is not obvious in its details as well as its silent evolution.

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