Phil Minton – A Doughnut’s End (LP)


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Phil Minton – A Doughnut’s End (LP)

At times barely more than breathing, at others breaking into full-throated song, A Doughnut’s End is a highly concentrated sequence of solo improvisations that captures the full range of Minton’s vocal powers.

As he says in the accompanying notes, while there is continuity between this record and previous “doughnut” albums, this latest offering is “less optimistic than forty years ago” when he still “thought stuff would get better”, an optimism diminished by the continued political dominance of “slush-spraying doughnut-scoffers”.

A Doughnut’s End is a stark and affecting testament to one man’s ongoing exploration of the potential of the human voice.

Available as 180g vinyl LP and high quality download.


Recorded (April & June 2013) and mixed by Rick Campion at City University Music Studios
Mastered by Rupert Clervaux at Gray’s Inn Road
Cut by Noel Summerville at 3345 Mastering
Photography by Jocelyn Low
Music by Phil Minton (PRS)
Produced by Trevor Brent

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