Phil Minton / Dylan Nyoukis ‎– Live In Athens (S/sided LP)



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Phil Minton / Dylan Nyoukis ‎– Live In Athens (S/sided LP)

“it was in dhalgren that i had read about a father getting fired, and who trying not to depress his family about it, wakes up every day, shaves, dresses himself up, has breakfast and leaves for his “work”. where does his spent his almost 8 to 10 hours? a mystery. perhaps crying on a park’s bench or drinking or whatever. however, there are times when reality creates even more dystopian images than those in sam delaney’s aforementioned opus… it was through such events that our interest in the human voice was brought again forward, and it was upon a discussion on the instruments that we might fancy to hear after the quake of our mechanized world, that we decided on the human voice. it was something that evolved naturally, as since the depression’s outbreak, little by little we’ve started digging recordings of the human voice (voice as the original instrument to quote joan la barbara’s classic recording). so when the idea of setting up a live set focused only on the human voice came up, the names of phil minton and dylan nyoukis were thrown on the table immediately and without hesitation we invited them for what turned out to be one the most physical and vital live sets we had set up for a looong time. a set of vocal pirouettes and juxtapositions between dylan and phil which send us flying for almost half an hour that night at the basement of knot gallery and once again fueled our enthusiasm for adventure and quest. besides this, it turned into a great opportunity for 3 fellow conceptualists (ourselves) to collaborate on something they fancied and out of their enthusiasm this document is being released.” Nicolas Malevitsis, October 2012

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