Philip Corner – Rocks Can Fall At Any Time (LP + 16pages book)




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Philip Corner – Rocks Can Fall At Any Time (LP + 16pages book)

Philip Corner is one of the greatest American avant garde composers, an American outsider, a unique philosopher redefining what we call music and art, bringing together different cultures in a new kind of harmony, inviting all of us to experience music as a whole and be a crucial part of it. MoreMars Team can proudly announce the release of this amazing LP with 4 unpublished works spanning 30 years of pure creation. The beauty of these recordings lies on their lo-fi, hissy, raw quality.

”Gong (ceng-ceng)/Ear” was recoded in Bali (1989) using very resonant handheld balinese cymbals. Totally improvised music, shaman vibrations through the body, dedicated to dancers
( ”the dancer may be me…or you, listener!” Philip Corner).
”Two in Thailand” (created in Bankok, 1996-performance recording in New York, 1997) with Phoebe Neville. This is a very formal Metal Meditation with very small finger cymbals and a heavy gong in slow punctuations. A wonderful graphically and verbally notated score for open improvisation.
These two A’ Side pieces distill many years of experience and experiment with the properties of resonant metal objects, whether intended for music or not. Metallic magic, deep resonating tones, delicate ringing cymbals, vibrating sonorities leading to a ritual, transcendent experience.

”OM.Duet:Jug and Bottle” with James Fulkerson (private performance, New York 1972) is a ”zen-like” sustained tone with microtonal breath fluctuations, using the simplest possible resonators. Based on verbal instructions, slight mysterious gestural sounds brought up to ear close audibility, and eerie low frequencies create a spectrum of sound-texture varieties with a mesmerising, hypnotic effect.
”Satie’s 2 Chords Of The Rose+Croix…As a Revelation” (Hartford Village, Vermont 1999). Music based on a chosen section of a loved classic, with a little ”beat up” harmonium producing mystic organ sounds.Long sustained tones floating in the air, variety of pitches, rhythmic irregularities and weird time specifics resulting in a reverential, ecstatic composition, profoundly affecting.

”….Hum the Ultimate Mantra-this should turn you on-….” Philip Corner

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