R.H.Y. Yau – Coagulation: Selected Works 1996-2000 (CD comp)


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R.H.Y. Yau – Coagulation: Selected Works 1996-2000 (CD comp)

Completely brutal docomentation of Yau’s abject noise actionism completed between 1996 and 2000. As pure as it gets, this collection features rare compilation material and previously unreleased actions, including rare collaboration tracks with Kazumoto Endo. Recommended.

“Eighteen short, painful blasts of vocal-induced distortion that are easily on the same pain threshold as Merzbow’s wall-of-noise works, but without the time commitment Merzbow demands. Coagulation is like a stripped-down hollowing album, with the same infinite layers of sound mashed together to create chaos (and sometimes all run through a distortion pedal to create thick, blistering walls of static), but without the melodic elements. The main source of Yau’s recordings is voice, and for all we can tell there’s nothing here BUT voice, just pounded and processed into something unrecognizable most of the time.” – Robert Beveridge.

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