Radio Free Ul-Quoma / Coldsore – s/t (cass)



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Radio Free Ul-Quoma / Coldsore – s/t (cass)

‘the governments of the global north choose to build walls & barriers, by these actions sanction murder of those worst affected by climate change. this is genocide by choice. my thanks to GRM for compiling this collection.’ (radiofreeul-quoma.bandcamp)

‘we stand against murderous white supremacist borders, that kill so many. we stand for the destruction of the state, that oppresses us, while keeping us over-feed, comfortable – silenced in the face of it’s murders. often when we are silent, it is equally reason for, as well as a result of the multitude of horrors that colonial extraction + destruction has flooded the world with for the profits we consume. we have to break the loop, challenge privileges of all kind, be they based on the fantasy of white supremacy, patriarchy, class structures, … this challenge will and cannot be comfortable for those who are privileged. to take part of the liberation of the world + it’s peoples from the said horrors, we will have to leave the silence of our comfort zone + start to make some noise.’ (coldsore-sound.tumblr)

All of the profits from this release will be donated to in solidarity.

“Sea-Watch e.V. is a non-profit organization that conducts civil search and rescue operations in the Central Med. In the presence of the humanitarian crisis, Sea-Watch provides emergency relief capacities, demands and pushes for rescue operations by the european institutions and stands up publicly for legal escape routes. Since a political solution in the sense of a #SafePassage is not on the horizon, we have expanded our field of operation and made new plans. We are politically and religiously independent and are financed solely through donations.” 

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