Radiosonde – Interference​:​Pattern (CD album reissue)




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Radiosonde – Interference​:​Pattern (CD album reissue)

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In “Nightmare City” a plane flown by (and carrying) radiation-infected living dead lands on an airstrip. These zombies have retained an arsenal of human qualities: they are able to run, fire guns, wield knives, and wreak devastating havoc upon the world. We are immediately plunged into action. Will the response be enough to contain this growing menace?

Similarly, the debut release from Radiosonde bursts out of the cargo door with a sense of radioactive urgency. Released in 1995, “Interference:Pattern” is a massive slab of electronic disturbance and subconscious altercation. It’s an awakening of deceased brains, an attempt to fire synapses once thought to be decayed beyond the possibility of function.

Scott Arford, the nefarious scientist behind Radiosonde, contaminated the Bay Area with more than just sounds. His 7hz venue was instrumental in showcasing some of the most extreme and exciting ’90s performances from the likes of John Duncan, Death Squad, the Haters and many more. In addition, he was half-responsible for the cable access terror known as “FuckTV” which surely altered the brainwaves of unsuspecting viewers who happened upon it.

Chondritic Sound’s CD of “Interference:Pattern” is remastered by Arford himself, breathing a new, dead life into this nearly impossible to find cassette. Hearing it now, one has the urge to board up the windows and grab a weapon. Pulsating electronics, obscured voices, and transmissions from unknown origins pile onto one another in hopes that the world can be made anew once the hellish beings have been eradicated. But we know how this goes…even when we sense a glimmer of hope, more undead descend and the process beings again. Radiosonde will remain undaunted in the face of this horror and “Interference:Pattern” will be the nukes we need in the final fight against the zombie masses.

— Mike Connelly, 2021

Limited edition CD in sleek black & gold digipak, designed by Greh Holger inspired by the original artwork and newly remastered audio by the artist himself.

Recorded at Phase (7hz).
Remastered at The Red Lodge, November 2020.
DAT transfer by Thomas Dimuzio at Gench.

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