Richard Kamerman – Music For Glassblower’s Studio And Broken Toy Piano (cass)




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Richard Kamerman – Music For Glassblower’s Studio And Broken Toy Piano (cass)

New York-based Richard Kamerman is an artist whose work stretches between performance, composition, and field recording, employing material such as hacked or DIY electronics, objects, programming and voice. Recordings of his have ranged from the unyielding yet uncannily fluid digital synthesis of his solo CD, None For The Money (Copy For Your Records, 2012), to his more sparse electroacoustic duets with Anne Guthrie (ErstAEU, 2013) or their expanded trio work with Billy Gomberg as Delicate Sen (Copy For Your Records, 2014). Still all these works seem connected through the same sense of playfulness, softness, and healthy interest in accident and potential that Kamerman seems to bring to the table.

‘Music for glassblower’s studio and broken toy piano’ brings together site-specific recordings and performance. Its two sides blend in distant droning echoes, machine noises, radioed-in voices and sporadic action in an enticing mix that lets us sink deep and near to the moment of the its making. From the immediate drop into the fully-formed sound world of ‘for any/one, thing’ on the first side of the cassette, to the gradual fade-ins on the flip side and the eventual emergence (and subsequent negation) of melody, the two pieces offer beguiling spaces for the listener to tread into, enveloping the ear yet maintaining a balanced game between allure and alertness


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