RLW – Agnostic Diaries (CD album)


BRCD 20-1016, DPROMCD156


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RLW – Agnostic Diaries (CD album)

Black Rose Recordings and Dirter are proud to continue working with Ralf Wehowsky and have collaborated again to release his new album Agnostic Diaries.

The common factor linking these recordings are projects that were never fully realised. The basic recordings started in 2005, however the period of reworking and transformation (2016 to 2017) is more important. All vocal parts and general revisions were done during this period. Agnosticism was the basic idea for the vocal/musical re-working of the pieces with the vocals implanted into the basic pieces, not just as simple overdubs, but inserted in a dialectical confrontation with the basic sounds and structures.

Track 1 relies on George Antheil´s Ballet Mecanique; track 3 on a co-operation with Anla Courtis using some sounds by Ovary Lodge planned for the Gerald Jupitter-Larssen series which stopped far too early. Track 4 includes rlw’s parts for a collaboration with Marc Baron whilst track 6 includes vocals by Dylan Nyoukis, also used for a collaborative cdr with him.

Ralf Wehowsky is one of the most respected electronic composers of our day and was also a founder member of the seminal German group P16.D4 and label Selektion whose ground-breaking releases influenced many working in today’s experimental music scene. Previous releases have seen him collaborate with such well known and diverse artists such as Merzbow, Bernhard Guenter, Jim O’Rourke, Achim Wollscheid and Lionel Marchetti. His music is impossible to pigeonhole into one simple bracket. It is neither industrial or musique concrete, nor computer music nor improvisation. In fact, it could be all of these.

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