RLW – Flurry Of Delusion (CD album)


BRCD 16-1013, DPROMCD129


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RLW – Flurry Of Delusion (CD album)

The starting point for the recordings on Flurry Of Delusion was an improvised recording session with Giuseppe Ielasi, but as with all Ralf Wehowsky works nothing is quite what it seems to be. Cutting out the moments of “glory” and recombining them, Wehowsky, aka RLW, reassembles them into new more detailed compositions. Further improvised sounds were treated and added to the mix. It is neither industrial or musique concrete, nor computer music or improvisation – in fact it could be all of these. Ralf Wehowsky is a well-respected electronic composer who was a founding member of the seminal German group P16.D4 and the label Selektion whose groundbreaking releases influenced many artists working in today’s experimental music scene.

Packaged in a beautiful full color digipak on reverse board. Edition of 500.

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