Robert Ridley-Shackleton ‎– Ovencleaner (3″ cdr)




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Robert Ridley-Shackleton ‎– Ovencleaner (3″ cdr)

Mini-CDR of barely describable super-chromosome electronics by visual artist and musician Robert Ridley-Shackleton. Robert’s music, much like his art inhabits a dread-zone of psychological unease and refracted swamp-vision. Nothing here is what it seems – sound is traced like a stone-aged petroglyph, a chasm of electronic frequencies and crypt scraping madness. This one is wreathed in golden-grey cremation smoke straight from Kali’s windpipe. I’ve gotta say, I was bewildered on first listen… many, many repeats later, I’m still not sure I’ve solved the riddle – in fact, the more you take it in, the more frightening it becomes, risky business.

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