Rock ‘N’ Roll Jackie & Pain Jerk – Super Relaxed ‎(CD album)




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Rock ‘N’ Roll Jackie & Pain Jerk – Super Relaxed ‎(CD album)

Over a year in the making this is the first collaboration between Pain Jerk (Kohei Gomi) and Rock’n’Roll Jackie (Jackie Stewart of Smegma, Tenses, Los Angeles Free Music Society, etc). The source sounds were provided by Jackie and then Kohei obsessively worked these into the 2 long tracks you hear on this disc. This is by no means a conventional harsh noise record. The influence of the musique concrete masters of old echoes heavily throughout these tracks whilst still maintaining the playfulness and non-purism found throughout LAFMS recordings. Old sound effect record samples, TV recordings, Flower Travellin Bands guitar riffs and J-Pop drum beats are all included in the mix alongside Kohei’s synth sounds. This was recently described by long term LAFMS champion Takuya Sakaguchi as “high-velocity psychedelic electronic punk”, and that suits this well. Limited edition of 500 copies in 6-panel ogun digipack with full-colour artwork/collages from Jackie Stewart.

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