Rodger Stella – The Final Programme (7inch vinyl)




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Rodger Stella – The Final Programme (7inch vinyl)

Two prime cuts of intense noise bliss from Rodger Stella, sort of in the vein of some One Dark Eye
stuff with a psychedelic twist slightly reminiscent of C.C.C.C. Stuff flies out of everywhere.

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped
white labels, insert. Plays at 33 1/3rpm.

(F.d.W – vital weekly):
Years and years ago I was in contact, I think, with the guys from Macronympha and it’s off shoot One Dark Eye, but I have not been keeping this contact warm or followed the careers of it’s various members.
Rodger Stella, the man behind One Dark Eye, also works under his own name, but I am not too sure what makes the difference between say One Dark Eye and this solo work. On this 7″, released by Swedish I Dischi Del Barone, he offers noise music without the obvious levels of distortion but thanks to the extended use of delay pedals, sounds fly in and out, and that creates a slightly more psychedelic sound. Maybe there is a bunch of Dictaphone recordings with electronic sounds and some cruder forms of field recordings at play here, set against a fierce background of firmly distorted noise – a wall as far as we can see, but it’s from some distance. These two pieces fit the 7″ quite well – they don’t sound like being culled out of a bigger piece, as it happens sometimes with noise.

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