Russell Haswell ‎– In It (Immersive Live Salvage) (LP + DVD)



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Russell Haswell ‎– In It (Immersive Live Salvage) (LP + DVD)

“Edition of 500. UHJ vinyl LP cut by Rashad Bedker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, January 2011. 5.1 DVD encoded & authored by Ian Robinson & Sophie Elder at Ascent 142, London, January 2011.

A 5.1 Surround DVD (Dolby Digital + DTS, “audio only”) + Ambisonic UHJ Vinyl LP (Stereo Compatible) Set. Following an invitation from Autechre to support them on their 2010 European “overstepper” tour (30 Concerts, 15 Countries), Russell Haswell filled a Pelicase with a Contact Mic, Crystal Mic, Electronics w/ Light Sensors, FX Pedals, SOS Whistle, Various Multi-Color Headlamps w/ Flashing Modes, and boarded the tour bus.
Each night, while performing his Solo Free Improvisation, Haswell also recorded as many gigs as possible with a surround recorder.
Selections from these live recordings are presented in Surround on this unique package containing a UHJ LP* and 5.1 DVD, housed in a 12” sleeve.”

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