Selfish Limbs – Isolated Cityscapes (CD EP)




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Selfish Limbs – Isolated Cityscapes (CD EP)

“Take In It’s Noises” and these sounds of the character’s veneer. It shapes and molds percussive layers, utilizing droning objects as a kind of cerebral device for material gain. We will take it all in here.

But “It’s Chaos,” though organized with this attempt, and deconstructs from our metamorphosis that first persuaded being. Structures live minimally in the chamber of thought. That is equal, and everybody’s doing it.

“It’s Heterogeneity” it’s our influence. Even in the case of one breath, we exist separately.

“It’s Cosmopolitanism” It’s our world of ISOLATED CITYSCAPES

“Isolated Cityscapes is a superb EP that perfectly suits its name. Through a skillful use and processing of the sounds of the city, Selfish Limbs paints a vivid picture of as modern city once the novelty has worn off. It is a snapshot of a city that, while not abandoned, still seems to be devoid of life. A processed world operated by machines that, we, the listeners have been thrust into so that we can be forced to be passive observers. It is an experience that I would highly recommend.”
On the Fringes of Sound

“Isolated Cityscapes is an urban electronics album to the very end. Minimal, textured, sentimental, as much introvert and abstract as a metropolitan landscape can be. A great find in the digital vastness.”
Karl Grümpe

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