Shea Stevenson ‎– Downcycle (cass)




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Shea Stevenson ‎– Downcycle (cass)

Shea Stevenson is an electronic/noise musician from Alabama, best known for his Silver Reich project alongside Rodger Stella.

Downcycle is varied cut-up in the style of early noise acts like Eric Lunde or Entre Vifs, by way of Alabama.

I really hate trying to describe my music….. most of my noise, especially the cut-up though is strongly influenced by the constantly changing environments of my childhood. My fathers schizophrenia manifested in many ways but technophobia was a particular passion.
Every electronic device had a secondary purpose more nefarious than its stated aim. I *try* to bring out this character with sound like he would by disassembling them then stack it up as proof but proof of what? That George Bush was electronically murdering my family? Maybe.
Regardless, this is the sound of childhood summers wintering in abandoned bus barns situated in parts that will remain undisclosed within central Alabama.

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