Sister Overdrive – Honey (cass)




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Sister Overdrive – Honey (cass)

Giannis Kotsonis has been performing under the ‘Sister Overdrive’ alias, keeping himself active with soundwork for theatre, dance, installation and cinema alongside his purely musical work. Initially working through his laptop, his practice has broadened considerably in recent years to include a greater range of external sources and a more detailed exploration of the electroacoustic possibilities inherent in his tools. ‘Honey’ comes at the tail-end of a couple of very productive years, exposing a sound that travels the distance between subtle concrete to harsh noise elements.

The structure, episodic on the surface, follows at the same time a larger form with a discernible internal logic. The two sides of the cassette were created through the sequencing of separate tracks, linked together to create a whole. Some of them very brief, others not so much, but all of them unfolding one after the other, picking up from where the previous left off and leading up to the vast expanses found in the second side of the tape. The music itself on the other hand, thrives on harsh textures and elemental qualities of sound to suggest the richest of soundworlds. This may not be easy music, but it is abstract music at its greatest. Immersive, rich and suggestive, it is the best evidence yet to Kotsonis’ unmistakable talents.

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