Spyros Emmanouilidis & Savvas Metaxas | Turbo Teeth – Spit (cass)




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Spyros Emmanouilidis & Savvas Metaxas | Turbo Teeth – Spit (cass)

Performed live at “Panorila” showcase side A presents Savvas Metaxas & Spyros Emmanouilidis’s coeval interpretation of drone and concrete music. What you‘ll find here is a vast sonic palette of prepared piano and processed field recordings interweaved with modular synths and cassette tape feedback. This 26min piece is divided in two parts with the former emerging from an empty claustrophobic space and the latter surfacing shivery voice whispers and feedback to end in an intense drone of bass noise frequencies.

Side B presents Giorgos Axiotis’s new take on his previously released Wall To Wall Carpeting “Pilliad Echons” (Orl09) CD under the guise of his Turbo Teeth moniker as performed live at the “Panorila” showcase. Here, Axiotis subjects Piliad Echons to a live, improvised treatment using samplers, feedbacks and extended vocals, rearranging and remixing the source material and broadening its horizon. Cutting/pasting passages of the original Wall To Wall Carpeting tracks in a mash up manner sharpens its dynamics and unveils new oscillations in the form of stereophonic cluster miniatures primarily based on feedbacks. This is an act of audible cannibalisation.

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