Steve Noble – Solo (CD album)


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Steve Noble – Solo (CD album)

Noble is part of a group of British free-jazz musicians (I call them that for want of a better term, but they just push the boundaries of the music) who mix adventure with humor, which gives you as a listener with extra pleasure. is listening to their sublime explorations of the musical universe.

Solo is an improvisation that lasts over forty minutes, on the snare drum, cymbals and percussion, and I dare say that you have never heard a percussion solo like this before. Very occasionally (listen to the fourth fragment that I will show you here) he comes a little closer to a normal drum solo, but even then it is all slightly different and more exciting.

For almost three quarters of an hour Noble manages to keep you as a listener captive with sometimes whispering soft percussion, alternated with rumbling thunder – all the possibilities of the percussion instruments he has at hand are exploited to the utmost, taking you from one surprise to the next falls. Less is more certainly applies here, because it is nothing short of astonishing how much wealth can be extracted from so little material. Chapeau!” – Moors Magazine

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