Sudden Infant / Bill Kouligas – split (CDr)




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Sudden Infant / Bill Kouligas – split (CDr)

probably one of the frenziest & craziest ‘sudden infant’ recordings. recorded live at the gluerooms, london, on may the 20th, 2004, stands for me as one of joke lanz most intense and unique sudden infant recordings i came across to this day besides his already classic ones! sharing this disc w/ his recent ‘partner in crime’ bill kouligas(those who caught up w/ the recent dec 06, uk tour know what am talking about), also member of the bizarre greek duo of family battle snake, who offers us 5 studio tracks recorded between aug/sept 06 of pure lo-fi (ocasionally monolithic) bizarro oise!!! soundscapes to set up absurd’s central in flames each time cdr plays on the sterero!!!! comes in a beautiful package w/ artwork/design by bill kouligas!

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