Tanner Garza – After All This Time (cass)



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Tanner Garza – After All This Time (cass)

Tanner Garza is one of those cases of experimental musicians which appeared in the lush blooming of noise music scene in 00’s United States and left a distinctive and personal touch. His path led him both in bands like Black Leather Jesus and Priest In Shit, and in a totally versatile solo journey with dozens of releases and collaborations with numerous artists such as AMK, Vomir, Pharmakustik, Blackhumour, Sean Matzus and others. What’s striking is that he can just as easily follow the HNW sound of Richard Ramirez as well as experiment with ambient, improv (with the amazing Connolly / Garza / Sandor trio, search for it), jazz, drone and noise sounds, and even with some unexplained electro/synth-pop in the strange “Zeppo” release. Since 2012, he runs the Bookend Recordings label in Houston, Texas. The maiden release of Coherent States is the “After All This Time” cassette, a release on the first side of which Tanner experiments with frippertronics style drones, unlike tape loops for which he is best known. The second side is completely different in concept, and consists of a live show at Supper Happy Fun Live in Houston.


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