The New Blockaders – Das Zerstoren, Zum Gebaren (CD)




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The New Blockaders – Das Zerstoren, Zum Gebaren (CD)

“After 25 years of the blockade, we are left with the final live document from The New Blockaders. Recorded in 2006 by Damion Romero at Thurston Moore’s All Tomorrow’s Parties, Nightmare Before Christmas

“in the beginning, it was just about the blockade, that impenetrable barrier between nerve endings, impervious to everything, ultimate stop-gap. it was about creating a music so fraught with possibilites its darkness gets transformed into a kind of pure light, imaginary fingerings of primal tongues, held so rigorously still they ceased to function as tongues. music which is not-music, communication which refuses to communicate, art which is not-art… expect nothing. absolutely nothing. it’s your best shot at having everything delivered.” – byron coley (atp programme)

recorded live at all tomorrow’s parties nightmare before christmas 2006.

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