The Rita – Escorting (3xLP Box Set)


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The Rita – Escorting (3xLP Box Set)

ESCORTING is a new massive effort by the Canadian king of Harsh Noise Sam McKinlay, with his most acclaimed creature THE RITA who, once again, waves the banner of URASHIMA, here co-produced together with AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE with a luxurious and lustful 3 LP box set dedicated to the world’s oldest profession, its leading actresses and enthusiastic johns.

For once THE RITA takes a break from its current conceptually driven texture research for returning to its original full-frontal impact, not unlike older works like “Bodies bear traces…”, “Swingers get killed”, “Sea Wolf Leviathan”, etc. For this release, McKinlay is supported by both old and new allies providing personal sound-works, explicitly inspired/influenced by personal obsessions and a graphic appreciation for the sex-trade world. ESCORTING renders into aural assault sordid yet intense tales of prostitution, displaying landscapes of sidewalks, flesh-markets, Chinese massage parlors, Greek studios, Swiss Night-clubs crowded with Eastern European just legal teen agers actively growing a celebrity status with regular customers, middle age men, real smut sommeliers in search of new experiences to add to their intimate diary of passion, where a “tool of the trade” turns into a queen for a little time, leaving a memory that will last forever, becoming part of a collection of experiences that goes far beyond a simple fuck. This box set celebrates true feminine power and stands as a glorification of THE ESCORT as a priestess of pleasure, companion and saviour of true connoisseurs, dispensing the nectar of the gods to an army of punters, by mean of their own body, experience and charm, passing voluptuous knowledge to adoring devotees, completely surrendered at her lotus feet, grateful and generous for her carnal attention leading to ecstasy with experience.

THE RITA once again proves its craftsmanship by editing, adding to, and reassembling rough source material of the three partners in crime, accompanying the listener in several locations and situations, where money grants the access to forbidden pleasures, unknown experiences or simple human warmth.

CONCERN’s renown experimental expertise contributes creating the perfect soundtrack for any man in need of special treatment, looking for carnal attention of the workers of one of the many “Studios” in Athens’s notorious Metaxourgeio neighbourhood.

CALIGULA031’s unsettling approach describes different tones of center/southern European sleaze, focusing on the compulsive attraction of husbands transgressing any family bonds for the expensive, yet satisfying obsessions for Eastern European ladies, prone to satisfy any straight fetish compulsions, as ancient times Greek maidens, living Korai sculptures exposed in Swiss bars.

And last, but not least, MANIA’s fierce aggression and acclaimed ultra-violent avalanche of torturing noise, leads the listener to witness a magmatic and ear-splitting celebration of an “all-American perversion” experience, where different kinds of women are the only medicine for one man’s slavery to his own cock and cum-mania.

The records have been pressed on 140 gr black vinyl with black label and black inner sleeve (with inside polyethylene plastic) and come in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve, wrapped in printed box. Limited edition to 199 hand numbered copies with one insert in luxury 160 gr ivory paper and one insert in 120 gr ivory paper.

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