The Sound Projector 22nd Issue (magazine)


The Sound Projector


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The Sound Projector 22nd Issue (magazine)

New interviews with:
* Guido Huebner (Das Synthetische Mischgewebe)
* Chris Forsyth (Solar Motel Band, Pee-Ess-Eye)
* Sam Pluta (Wet Ink Ensemble)
* Ian Holloway (Quiet World)
* dsic (aut, LF Records)
* Mark Harwood (Astor, Synaesthesia)

182 pages, perfect bound, colour covers, b/w interiors.

Contributing writers: Jennifer Hor, Stuart Marshall, Steve Pescott, Thomas Shrubsole, and Paul Khimasia Morgan

The recycling ethic has been applied again, and this issue published in 2013 reprints blog posts from written (mostly) in 2012, about records released in 2011 or 2010. Everything has been reformatted to fit the magazine layout. There are also new drawings by Ed, plus a very comprehensive index, this time indexing names, titles, and record labels.

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