Trans/Human – The 8 Hour Dance (cass)




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Trans/Human – The 8 Hour Dance (cass)

‘This is a cassette made under the umbrella of The Audacious Art Experiment, which seems to be some sort of lunatic DIY collective who give most of their material away for free on their extraordinary website which you should definitely visit.

The music on this cassette is about as instant and immediate as it’s possible to imagine, with an incredible rolling drum sound forming the basis of what sounds like the testing of that enormous sonic gun which the KLF spent time firing at sheep on a farm in the 1990s.

There’s also a considerable amount of hammering around the 10 minute mark but don’t let that put you off because it is soon devoured by the sound of the night sky collapsing in on itself’ Reviewed by Captain Fidanza for

Adam Denton – Guitars, pedals, magnets, objects
Luke Twyman – Drums, pedals, bells, objects

The 8 Hour Dance by Trans/Human

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