TX Ogre ‎– Brrrr Blobs (3″ cdr)




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TX Ogre ‎– Brrrr Blobs (3″ cdr)

TX Ogre is one Henry Collins, a musical stuntman with a long lineage of gravity defying/berserker acts from the gooner-gabba rave of DJ Shitmat, modal-ambient funk zones as Kylar and other impossibly monikered outfits waaay beyond. It’s great to have Henry join the LF crew for this 20 minute mini-CDR of what can be best described as ‘hyper rhythm drum machine free-jazz’. Here we have a machine-code Milford Graves, ripping Han Bennick a new operating system. What the hell is this? The man/machine interface is a possessed creature that requires deft handling, but Henry has hands of velvet when it comes to this kind of thing. In his words “I hit keys and drum pads whilst imagining i was possessed by a beast from the east.” – too humble methinks, here he’s wrestling with a cacodaemon, reforming it to the nymphlike sublime – a 27th century jazz for a frozen and gone world.

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