Unan / Nikos Kyriazopoulos ‎– Mimus / Skua (cass)




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Unan / Nikos Kyriazopoulos ‎– Mimus / Skua (cass)
This split-in-two-sides cassette pairs two greek artists’ responses on the subject of birdsong. Some time ago Nicolas Malevitsis (of absurd fame) asked them to contribute a piece each, on the sole premise that the work would be based, or derive from, bird sounds. Unan (aka Chris Chondropoulos) brought back a curious collage work called ‘mimus’, built from the sounds and textures of scratchy vinyl culled over time by the artist from athens’ record shops. Focusing on structure and reflecting avian language on another medium, Chondropoulos delivers an unanticipated little gem of musique concrete . Of ’skua’, Nikos Kyriazopoulos only very cryptically says that he ”had no other choice but to tweak some knobs”. He was obviously not very interested in revealing methods and technical details, on a piece that speaks for itself by aligning its analog electronics uncannily close to birdsong in a creatively mimetic fashion. This side as well, isn’t any more lacking in thrills, and it makes for a perfect companion piece in this curious little ode to one of humanity’s most favorite muses.
released February 20, 2012

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