V/A – An Uncommon Nature (LP comp)



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V/A – An Uncommon Nature (LP comp)

“Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of Anomalous Records’ existence, we are releasing a compilation album based around recordings from the outdoors, and featuring artists we release or are going to in the near future.Throughout the packaging, and on four enclosed postcards, are beautiful black and white photographs taken by Rachael Jackson in the Olympic National Park in Washington state.

While unified by a common theme, the tracks are quite varied including desert contact mic recordings of rain and wind on a tree (Jeph Jerman), processed sounds of a gate (Jonathan Coleclough), erhu played on a beach (Mike Shannon), mysterious singing ‘water babies’ (Agog), a mixture of wild celery stalks, tundra grass, a cord made from sinew, a whaleblone roof support and the seals (Richard Lerman), and the straight recording of an approaching thunderstorm (Dave Knott). This attention to detail in audio is matched by the close up photographs of fungi, dripping sap, and trees which surrounds it.” – Anomalous.

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