V/A – DRONE-MIND // MIND-DRONE Vol. 2 (LP comp)



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V/A – DRONE-MIND // MIND-DRONE Vol. 2 (LP comp)

This LP-series from Drone Records is dedicated to the Drones of the World, and the Drones of our Minds. A kind of continuation of the Drone 7″-series but on a more user-friendly format. Each LP features four artists from the international drone-scene and is limited to 500 copies and pressed on four different vinyl-colours. Each LP artwork will feature paintings by British painter PETE GREENING. This series shows the various sides of todays experimental drone-music. The title symbolizes the interaction between sound of the Eternal and our psyche and raises questions: Can Drones (or sound per se) be regarded as “intelligent”? Does every mind produce a Drone? Isn’t it possible that any organic or non-organic entity produces a Drone? Drone Music is seen as more than a mere ‘music style’, it expresses an approach to perceive & understand the world. DRONE-MIND and MIND-DRONE build a circle of diverse inter-relations. The Drone as a metaphor for everything that vibrates, that releases energy – from atoms and elementary particles to the hum of the earth and the universe. The Drone as an entity that connects everthing that exists within our own “mind-space”, perception and self. Four “Drones” on one record! The second Volume (MIND-02) ist OUT NOW ! (December 2012) and features:


YANN NOVAK (U.S.A.): minimal transcension drones
The records starts with a fabulous – silent but dense – drone piece by Californian sound & installation artist YANN NOVAK (coming from L.A.), the first in a series of compositions using the ‘silence” of vinyl endgrooves, indeed a perfectly sublime start for a a vinyl release dedicated to drones.

STROM NOIR (SLOVAKIA): shimmering elation drones
STROM NOIR encharms with two stunning ‘elation” drones based on guitar harmonics, beautifully shimmering like light radiances – this Slovakian artist is also active with his true DIY-label Black Orchid Productions.

EMME YA (COLOMBIA): sigil dissolution drones
EMME YA is, after the EPs by REYNOLS (DR-42) and C.D. (DR-63) the third ever artist from South America on Drone Records. These ‘esoteric’ suction sounds are created as ‘sigil dissolutions’, meaning the unification of sonic sigils with our deeper minds. Mysterious, intense, haunting…

KARL BÖSMANN (GERMANY): post industrial / electronic drones
Behind this project with the odd name we find a german sculptor who attracted lots of attention with some remarkable releases of very unusual & daring drone-based collages – his track for MIND-02 named ‘Die Verwandlung’ is inspired by Kafkas short story of the same name and stands out as a powerful & threatening & even rhythmic tour de force undergoing dramatic changes from the beginning to the end.

= four projects that differ considerably from each other, but united through the idea of the power of the Drone.
~ ~ The drones of their minds “materialized” ~ ~ The “intelligence” of drones materialized ~ ~

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