V/A – Links Outta Here (CD comp)



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V/A – Links Outta Here (CD comp)

This release contained the inspiration which refueled the Generator. Beautifully screen printed cloth cover w/individually hand printed inserts by Leif Elggren. A soulful journey through silly fun and extreme noise. A tribute to the Late Abigail Lavine (aka Our Lady of the 8-Track) with Leif Elggren, AMK, Thomas Dimunzio, Small Cruel Party, TEntatively a Convenience, Emil Beaulieau, The Haters, David Weinstein, Daniel Menche, Blackhumour, Lary 7, Russ Foster, Malcolm Rivera, Gordon Monahan, John Hudak, Francisco Lopez, Peter Dulmelinks, C.M.v Haussswolf, Egnekn, and Chop Shop.

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