V/A – Orgelvärk (2LP comp)



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V/A – Orgelvärk (2LP comp)

“Newly remastered vinyl edition of the cult Swedish cassette compilation Orgelvärk, subtitled “a solid collection of Swedish synth music”.

Orgelvärk is a compilation of Swedish synthpop, experimental and industrial music representative of the underground tape scene that thrived there in the 1980s. Many of the bands didn’t quite fit into one particular genre, and most remained unknown. They lived in small villages and were making what can be described as electronic folk music…
This vinyl edition includes five previously unreleased tracks which were submitted to Tor for the original 1986 cassette release but due to space limitations, never made it on there.

All the audio has been remastered from the original tapes especially for vinyl by Tor himself.

Limited edition of 999 hand-numbered copies, presented in a matte gatefold jacket with a letter from Tor accompanied by further information on the bands.” – Minimal Wave

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