V/A – Record Store Record (LP)



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V/A – Record Store Record (LP)

“No, this is not a collection of in-store performances, there are no bands or artists trying to impress you with their skillz and technique – this is a collection of location/environmental recordings made inside our record stores, just the sound of regular everyday customers talking about records, buying records – oh yeah, and record store owners boxing up records – audio verite, sound poetry and a touch of musique concrete, 2 tracks are processed/cut-up/collage and 3 tracks are straight open mic recordings – participating record stores are: Hospital Productions, RRR, Sarvilevyt, Second Layer Records, Weirdo Records… For the optimal experience, it is recommended you listen to this record while looking through your record collection.” – RRR.

NOTE: there is no ‘screen printed tote-bag’ with this item, sorry. Just the vinyl, hence the reduced price.

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