VA AA LR – Crackle Party (CDr album)




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VA AA LR – Crackle Party (CDr album)

“…Here the trio of Vasco Alves, Adam Asnan and Louie Rice a more conventional release of three pieces on a regular CDR. Housed with some excellently printed cards in a plastic bag, one could think that these 100 CDRs could have as easily printed on a real CD.

The press release speaks of ‘improvised electronics, distress flares and fire extinguishers’ as the sound sources for the music. Somehow I think much of what they do is produced in a live context and there is a conceptual edge to it. Maybe I am misguided by the distress flares and fire extinguishers thing, but it also reminded me of that great Dutch trio BMB con, who used electro acoustic music in a live performance context, in which they also used fire works, bowling balls and such things, amplifying surfaces with contact microphones to be sure of that crackling sound.

That is something we have here too. And just like BMB con VA AA LR know how to create something that is also worth hearing on a CDR, severed from the context of the performance. In the three pieces they display a great love for all things unstable: near broken contact microphones, the crackling of the flares and the escaping of gas from the extinguishers are all played with great care and ear for detail.

Their pieces sound like well rounded compositions, rather than ‘just’ improvised doodling over some unconnected sounds. This is put together with some great thought and fine sense of composition. Excellent!”

Frans de Waard in Vital Weekly #873

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