Various Artists – Live At LUME (CD album)



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Various Artists – Live At LUME (CD album)

LUME is an improvised/original/contemporary jazz/experimental music night in London. For the last two years we have been running weekly gigs in a few different venues, but mainly at Long White Cloud in Hoxton.

These tracks were recorded live at LUME gigs, by the artists, using handheld recorders. As such they are bootlegs; but really nice ones polished up by the excellent Alex Bonney. The tracks have been donated to us by the artists, and all proceeds from the album will go directly back into helping us put on more LUME concerts.

Support live music by, er, purchasing recorded music!

Live At LUME by Live At LUME

1. Ripsaw Catfish & Yana – Shoaling 07:03
2. Alex Bonney Quartet – Light Leaks 09:48
3. Byrne/Nash/Pursglove – Interloper 05:22
4. AKW – Improvisation 07:57
5. Olie Brice – Solo Bass Improvisation 08:20
6. Word Of Moth – This ID Number Is Unique To You 08:35
7. Shatner’s Bassoon – Lord Mushroom’s World Darts Tournament 12:59

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