Various Artists – traces of FOUR (CD album)



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Various Artists – traces of FOUR (CD album)

traces of FOUR (melange edition 04, ME04)
by reductive journal ensemble

1 proposal_five (jimi no assemblage) (Ryoko Akama, 2015) 09:44
2 6 Scores (Manfred Werder, 2015) 14:58
3 CLOUD SCISSORS (lo wie, 2015) 17:04
4 Floating Categories (Jürg Frey, 2015) 13:57

reductive journal ensemble

Ryoko Akama: objects, electronics
Daniela Cascella: voice, objects
Heather Frasch: flute, objects
Jürg Frey: clarinet
Bruno Guastalla: cello, bandoneon
Sarah Hughes: objects, zither
Daniel del Rio: turntable
David Stent: objects, guitar
Manfred Werder: traces

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