Voltigeurs – Carrion (LP)




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Voltigeurs – Carrion (LP)

This is the first full-length LP from Voltigeurs: the duo of Matthew Bower (Skullflower, Total, Hototogisu) and Samantha Davies (Skullflower, Valley Of Fear, Harm).

This vinyl bears all the hallmarks of recent Skullflower records (“Fucked On A Pile Of Corpse” etc). Bower & Co. have absolute mastery of analogue distortion, used to great ritualistic effect. Densely layered walls of guitar, synth and piano (not the pleasant kind), with shrieking feedback. Akin to some of the pure noise output of The New Blockaders, though Bower himself terms the release as ‘Black Psychdelia’. “…it was with surprise and pleasure we heard the unmistakeable heritage of side two of ‘Carrion’ in Roger Waters’ hypnotic one note basslines and echoes of Dave Gilmours crying guitar lines in the wolfhowls of ‘Sirius’. That our bastard noise could evoke the grandeur of the stars in a similar mode to cold tropes of our ‘progressive’ heroes was an unexpected joy”.

Ltd x 350 copies in a black sleeve with gold print.

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