Wi77!N6 – Brotherhood Of The Backwards Handshake (CD album)




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Wi77!N6 – Brotherhood Of The Backwards Handshake (CD album)

CD release from the visionary and sorely under-documented late 90’s duo Wi77!N6 (that’s “Willing,” kids), is out now in an edition of 300.

Recorded and shelved in Bushwick, Brooklyn back in 2000 by drummer/pounder/scraper/whistler Fritz Welch and completely unprepared guitarist Ian Christe when any number of Bushwick denizens of today’s (or was it yesterday’s?) New No Fun America were still taking driving lessons, Brotherhood of the Backwards Handshake is like a time capsule of detuned, metal-tinged guitar, guileless synth blurts, splattering faux gamelan percussion, and disembodied voices. At the very least, it certainly points the way to Welch’s more layered work with Peeesseye. But it’s really just about the best record Evolving Ear has ever put out, and it comes in a vomit inducing glossy Digipak covered in Fritz Welch’s artwork and really rather tasteless design by Ian Christe.

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