Yol – viral dogs and cats (cass)




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Yol – viral dogs and cats (cass)

Yol. Found objects / mouth noise / mangled language.

That’s it.

All of it.

And yet… lo! There’s real GOLD here, conjured from within these looping, twisting, writhing incantations. GOLD, y’hear?!
Primark bags and dog shit; they were the prima materia of yond alchemists, right?

‘viral dogs and cats’ was recorded in a vacant retail premises on Brook Street, Hull, made available as a project space through the facilitation of Red Contemporary, Hull – an artist-led organisation, and former gallery space displaced in the wake of Hull’s ‘City Of Culture’ redevelopments. It was recorded during a period of lockdown, with all the practical and technical restrictions that lockdown precipitates, but it’s not a ‘Lockdown Album’, per se.

Yol’s approach seems to be to absorb that which is around him, the fragmentary, the minutiae, and regurgitate it through distending, absurdist ritualistic cantillations. Yol invokes sonic transmutations from gathered detritus, from the grimy scrapings from between the cushions of society’s (fly-tipped, piss-stained) settee. Gold! Hear!

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