Yoni Silver ‎– Peep Holes (CD album)


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Yoni Silver ‎– Peep Holes (CD album)

In this overview of the most recent issues from the Portuguese label Creative Sources, I recently spoke about the clarinet player Markus Eichenberger and its totally personal approach to this instrument resulting into a sort of dadaist set of sketches. The one by the Israelian multi-instrumentalist and bass clarinet player Yoni Silver is remarkably different and definitively more visceral and cerebral as well as so surrealistic that it could be perfect for an imaginary remake of the soundtrack for visionary movies such as The Holy Mountain by Jodorowski or even Simon of The Desert by Bunuel, a sort of monody whereas the recording technique seems to be intended to highlight the most experimental possible expressions which clarinet could offer. The frenzy tapping on holes, the circular breathing and the weirdy insufflation sound are just parts of rhythmical and tone-colour research more than of a melodic one. Breath, air, saliva and skin sound like having become essential elements of the instrument, materializing almost an interpenetration with any part of it. The fact each title of this recording (Peep Holes, Please Hold, Peat Hog) is made up of two words starting with P and H and so reminding the phoneme “ph”, close to the sound you make when blowing, could be a sort of hint the musician want to drop to the listener of such a symbiotical process. Vito Camarretta (Chain DLK)

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