Zbigniew Karkowski – Nerve cell_0 (for cello and computer) CD




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Zbigniew Karkowski – Nerve cell_0 (for cello and computer) CD

‘Show me something new and I will begin all over again.’
Erik Satie
This work is not music in a conventional sense, it does inhabit that world, but in a new way. The cello is treated fundamentally, as a resonating body, transmitting sounds elementally. The bow on a string, the flux of weight, pressure, speed and angularity releases a myriad of complex sound phenomena. The juxtaposition of multiple sounds on adjacent strings creates fluctuating and rhythmical beatings. The detuning of the instrument increases its pitch potential and basso profundity. In combination with computer electronics these elements are multiplied, extended and enriched. Nerve Cell-0 is a joyous, ecstatic, exhilarating and epic vista of sound. It defies categorisation. Play it very loud.

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