Akio Suzuki And Lawrence English ‎– Boombana Echoes (CD re-issue)




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Akio Suzuki And Lawrence English ‎– Boombana Echoes (CD re-issue)

I had the pleasure to meet and record with Akio Suzuki late in 2005. Having discovered his work a good few years before that, I had always been impressed with his clear passion for the expressive nature of sound – not merely as a vibrational art form, but also for its mystic, perhaps even spiritual qualities. His many experiments with sound, space and environment were a great inspiration for me and still to this day fill me with a great sense of wonder (no doubt a result of Suzuki’s magician like quality, after all he is a shaman).

These recordings are edits from a series of both site specific and situation specific encounters we developed together during a short performance based residency in Brisbane. The first recordings we made together were site specific, and the title of this edition reflects the location in which we began working on the project together.

Boombana is an area of forest that shifts from open eucalypt woodland to sub-tropic rainforest within a matter of 500 metres. It’s located on route to Mt Nebo and not far from there, the view stretches all the way to Moreton Bay. I recorded Suzuki-san during high summer, the forest sizzling with an eerie electronic fizz of cicadas and leaf hoppers, occasionally interrupted by screeching Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. It was these recordings that form the inspiration for the duet published here.

Returning to Brisbane, Suzuki and I recorded a series of pieces late one evening. Suzuki played his remarkable Analapos and I used a some hand percussion and a range of small electronic devices that in many ways reflected on the initial sessions we recorded in Boombana – the cicadas replaced by tone generators and filters. The titles of each work also directly link back to Boombana, its distinctive flora and fauna.

Coming back to these recordings more than half a decade after they were created, I’m still captivated by Suzuki’s remarkable use of his unique instrument the Analapos and I’m inspired to this day by his mastery of sound as an art form. I dearly hope you enjoy these pieces.

Lawrence English, May 2012

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