Bent Spoon Duo ‎– Fossils Of Slumber (cass)


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Bent Spoon Duo ‎– Fossils Of Slumber (cass)

“Picked this up at one of DNT’s big sales and I was certainly a satisfied customer. The Bent Spoon Duo of Chris Dadge and Scott Munro (there’s a trio version too that I haven’t heard) is a great junk-clatter act from up North i.e. Canada and with this tape alone they’ve definitely made themselves one of my favorites of the free/junk/improv/clatter/whatever set.
They rip it on a menagerie of instruments, none of which are listed but there’s violin, brass, random percussion and a touch of electronics at least. Sounds like there may be another stringed instrument in the mix but knowing these crazy guys they’re just probably plucking away on that violin like nobody’s business. Anyhow, Bent Spoon Duo really know how to pull twisted sounds out of their instruments, and it sounds like mostly without the aid of electricity which garners my utmost respect. Also on the respect front, they don’t loop which I appreciate (not that I dislike looping) as they definitely have enough confidence to use space/silence and limit the amount of things going on. Well, I must confess I think they do loop something toward the end of the tape, but they are still out there being the gangly weirdos they are, not worrying about hiding behind a wall of sound. They’re doing what they do, sawing violing strings in half, making swamp creature effects on their mouth pieces, whatever it is they feel like and doing it with style. To paraphrase that idiot Lady GaGa, they’re Bent Spoon Duo, bitch, they walk that walk.
I like these guys. I want more, I’m gonna go find some.” (

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