Dave Phillips & Aspec(t) ‎– Medusa (CD album)



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Dave Phillips & Aspec(t) ‎– Medusa (CD album)

conceptually inspired by george monbiot’s article “feeding frenzy” (www.monbiot.com/2007/04/03/feeding-frenzy/) this collaboration, that took almost 2 years to accomplish, can be seen either as a play of harsh sound cut-ups or a tightly composed musique concrète racket that will sit on your face and ears like a jellyfish, or as a political statement about the deterioration of an ecosystem.
as it struck like a punch into noise-below’s stomach sometimes last year upon hearing the pre-master of it, i am sure that the same will happen to you, as a strange host will plant an entire ecosystem of sounds in your head.

Source material recorded at The Basement, Napoli, April 2011
Dissection & riassembly in Zürich & Napoli from January to May 2013
Mastering by SEC_

The spoken text used in “Finned Alive” is by Leif Elggren.

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