Fvrtvr ‎– Following Shapes to the Edge of a Drift (LP)



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Fvrtvr ‎– Following Shapes to the Edge of a Drift (LP)

Split open your skull and squirt a spritzer into the froggy mess!

Eff-to-the-ArrTee-to-the-Arr are an exciting vibration, a mind-fondle and a floating forefinger pointing to WHAT’S HOT RIGHT NOW!

The muscular men here rattle them pots and pans, slap-the-cheek slurps and stick sharp elbows into a web of goof-off electronics. It’s all as pungent as double-strength nag champa oil y’hear?

You’re not surprised to hear Fritz Welch all over this with his egg whisk and luxurious throat cavity. And you’d expect Guido Henneboehl’s home-made ‘special sauce’ stirred into the mix marbling sonics like peanut butter versus jelly.

But what keeps you awake in the wee small hours is the deeply knitted message of freedom hidden in these intense black grooves. I said freedom yeah. Freedom and liberty!

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