Garnett James ‎– Protect & Survive (CDr album)




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Garnett James ‎– Protect & Survive (CDr album)

Live recording of a really awesome max/msp workout by mysterious West-Country bod Garnett James. The beauty of G.J.s pieces is that they run equally hot at either loud or low from your home stereo system as the dynamics are knife-sharp. This album would probably fit under the ‘lowercase sound’ bracket back in the old days , but it’s something much better than that genre suggests – full of microprocessed offworld drone, disabled industrial cutups and blasts of computer noise it’s a total winner. Sounds to me like INA-GRM taken over by a host of arachnids – yeah, that much menace and whatthehell?.

Edition of 50 handmade w/ black card casing.

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