João Castro Pinto ‎– Suntria – Imaginal Sonotopes (CD album)




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João Castro Pinto ‎– Suntria – Imaginal Sonotopes (CD album)
Suntria is a soundscape composition orchestrated, fundamentally, through the use of audio fragments captured from distinct locations of Sintra’s forest, near Lisbon, Portugal.
Since remote ages, Sintra’s mountains (in Portuguese, Serra de Sintra) are known as locations of worship and devotion. It is reputed that the Celts, Visigoths, Moorish and Romans were among the people who inhabited and praised these oneiric landscapes before the Lusitanos (the later Portuguese). Throughout the years, Sintra had different toponyms, it is said that the Celts referred to it as Cynthia (meaning the devotion of the moon). It is also given that some Greek and Latin scholars state that Sintra was also denominated as Mons Sacer (Sacred Mount). Ptolemy and the Romans called it Mons Lunae (Mount of the Moon) and, during the Moorish rule of the land, Sintra was denominated as Zintira, Chinra, Xintra, Sentra, until, finally, it was, before its actual designation, named Xentra. From the etymological study of the term there is a curious, but controversial, medieval designation from each Sintra is thought of being derived – Suntria. This possibility presents itself as problematic. The medieval origin of Suntria is supposed to have been derived from the Indo-European (meaning Sun or Luminous Astro)  more

LOCATION : Sintra-Cascais Natural Park : Sintra’s mountains, ponds and streams (Monserrate),
Cascatas do Rio Mourão and Boca do Inferno.
Additional field recordings done in Praia do Portinho da Arrábida, Amarante, Travanca, Serra do Marão, Vila Real and Travassos da Chã

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