Petals ‎– Aposiopesis (3″ cdr)




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Petals ‎– Aposiopesis (3″ cdr)

Petals is one Kevin Sanders, head honcho of the magnificent Hairdryer Excommunication label and a man with a body neck deep in some of the sweetest drone goo to be found in these sinking isles. This is smooth operator stuff, capturing fly-on-the-wall room essence in glowing tapedeck fidelity, clatter and cough.

His own description trumps my blathering attempts to pin this down – “100% electro-acoustic drone. as reeds gently breathe, violin strings (that are tied to metal bars, clasped by elastic bands) vibrate in a terse manner, and feedback creeps in and dominates the low-end drones. Or whatever.”

3” Mini CDR style, but really to make it last forever just hit repeat to give your cortex the infinity massage it deserves.

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